Impacting our community by transforming young lives into high-character leaders through the platform of the arts.

Armaund Jones Biography

Armaund Jones (AJ) is a freshly 18 year old man. He prides himself on being able to decipher the human condition and considers himself a wordsmith both verbally and written. He goes to East Allen University and is earning his Associates Degree in General Studies. He loves to push himself and strives to always be better than he was the day before with a focus on enjoyment of his life and his ambition to leave a mark on the world. He however, has already
done so in his own way. AJ also known by his pen name AJ Kasinger is the author of Traffic which he takes pride in as currently being his life’s work. Doing so while going to school was no small nor easy task, yet he still refused to give up given how only hard work is the way forward. He will be going to a currently undetermined college out of state for a psychology and acting degree, as well as finish his second book by the end of his college experience. Not having much in terms of socioeconomic status, AJ firmly believes that with drive and a goal nothing is impossible and with a good support system anyone can make themselves into anything. He compares himself to Rumplestiltskin in a way that he was born in a life of straw, yet he will weave it into his reality of gold.

Life Quote: “What I have are not dreams, merely events that have yet to pass.”