Impacting our community by transforming young lives into high-character leaders through the platform of the arts.

Give Greater 2023


      Unity Performing Arts Foundation is a multi-faceted performing arts organization with a focus on empowering and developing young people in the areas of artistry, character, and leadership. UNITY also focuses on promoting the soulful arts forms through education, training, and entertainment in the areas of choral music, dance, drama, creative writing, oratory, and instrumental music.
Unity Performing Arts Foundation is an innovative after school concept designed to serve as a companion support system for young people to help prepare and equip them to be successful at home, school, church, work, college and in their community.  The model of UNITY combines professional arts programming and relevant training, coupled with character and leadership development to give young people a positive and effective platform to prepare them for life.
      UNITY is more than a place where children hang out; it is a place that holds children to a high standard of excellence in every area of life.  Our expectations are set high for each student from the moment they join the organization.  They are encouraged and inspired during their season in the programs to reach our expectations with excellence.  We know that this type of development serves as a benchmark for how they are to carry themselves when they are not in UNITY’S environment.
      We also provide coaching for kids, so that they discover artistic and intellectual potential during their young years, and provide programming and training that nurtures and develops that potential into greatness, before they enter college.

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