Brittany Allmon Biography

Brittany Angelina-Nicole Allmon was born in Buffalo, New York. She relocated to Fort Wayne, Indiana in 2012 to finish pursuing her degree in Veterinary Medicine. Although in college for Veterinary Medicine, her heart had always been smitten for “the arts”.
From a young age, Brittany has always had a deep passion for music and dance; following in her mother’s musical footsteps. She had always been stage shy, so she resulted to Interpretive Dance. At age 13, Brittany became the lead choreographer for her church’s Praise Team “Ordered Steps”.
After graduating with her high school diploma in Engineering from Hutchinson Central Technical High School in 2010, She attended Medaille College (Buffalo, New York) to start a Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medicine. After two years, Brittany placed her degree on hold to nurture her first love: Creativity.
In 2013, she graduated from Ravenscroft Beauty College as a professional manicurist and set her sights on becoming the CEO and founder of her own company. Shortly after, she threw herself into the world of fashion, for three years, at another creative outlet. She has traveled to New York City, New Jersey, Georgia, Western New York, and back to Fort Wayne, Indiana as a freelance model for local fashion designers.
After exploring the world of fashion and runway, she settled down in Fort Wayne, Indiana to search for more “soul-purposed” work. In 2016, Brittany Angelina-Nicole Allmon was invited to Voices of Unity’s annual “Praise Celebration”. Her heart was sold immediately following enlightenment of the foundation’s vision and mission. Not only was Unity Performing Arts Foundation a place where she could be close to her passion for music and the arts, but UNITY offered something that she didn’t have growing up in her community. A chance for youth to express, and hone their God-given, creative abilities. Looking back at her past; consisting of growing up with a musical family of singers, dancers, music directors, and painters, she knew that she would be calling Unity Performing Arts Foundation her new home.

 Angelina-Nicole Allmon began volunteering for Unity Performing Arts Foundation in 2017. Her passion, consistency, and motivation for the foundation was noticed immediately. She was quickly brought on board as a member of the Unity Performing Arts Foundation Staff, following a few months of volunteering.
Allmon states, ” Upon learning about Unity Performing Arts Foundation, I was so moved by its mission. Opportunity was the one thing my community was shy of. But UNITY offers that for the Fort Wayne community. I grew up in a musical family, but I’ve always been very shy. I felt that I was destined to some how birth my own creativity through the use of “the arts”. But, I had no outlet whatsoever. I had the encouragement of my parents, but I was surrounded by peers, for years, who were not “like-minded”, nor motivated. Fast-forwarding to the present, I am now surrounded by more than enough creative individuals and business professionals. There are more than enough “wells of wisdom” to drink from. For me, UNITY is divine intervention. Although I am older than many of the youth that are students of Unity Performing Arts Foundation, I still learn from them. They encourage me to face my fears and to just go for what God has placed in me all along. I couldn’t ask for a more creative, edifying environment to be in.”