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Helga Portela Biography

Helga Portela, simply known as Ms. Helga, she has been involved with UNITY for over ten years. Ms. Helga was initially introduced to the choir via an invitation to a rehearsal by singing mentors KK Eko & Nonso Okoli. Since they knew she loved to work with children, they were positive she would be a good fit within the organization. She began her journey as a choir singing mentor and tutoring mentor for Biology and Chemistry. Her unique skills and dedication propelled her from volunteer, to part time evening staff and after one year, she was offered the opportunity to become a member of the full time staff in the capacity of Office/Financial Assistant. Ms. Helga’s greatest motivation, which has led to being a tenured member of the UNITY team, is the kids, parents, staff and all the support from the donors and volunteers which are involved with the Organization. An IPFW graduate, with a double major in Organization Leadership Supervision and General Studies and two minors in Spanish and Biology, she brings quality education, as well as a multilingual and multicultural background. However, her greatest accomplishments come from the joy of parenting her children, Johelga Angel & Maya.