UNITY’s Accomplishment Highlights

An Institution of Diversity and Artistic Versatility:

UNITY is the first performing arts organization in the city of Fort Wayne where mainstream soulful art forms are taught, studied and performed by young people. We are also proud to see UNITY become a performing arts organization actively demonstrating diversity at the student, parent, staff, volunteer, board, and audience levels.  UNITY has attracted children, youth, and adults from various backgrounds at every level of the organization.

Current Student Demographics

The Voices of Unity Youth Choir and The Creative Writing Program (POP) represents a uniquely diverse group of young people from the ages of 7 to 19 years. Approximately 54% are African-American, 17.50% are Bi-racial, 16% are Caucasian and 12.50% are Hispanic/Latino. Approximately 62% are female; 38% are male. Sixty percent of the overall membership receives support from UNITY’s financial assistance scholarship program.

Number of Current Youth Leaders in the Organization

The formation of our Student Internship Program, Council of Captains, and Alumni Association all provide young people in Unity with opportunities to exercise their leadership skills outside of our artistic programming. 


Exposing Kids To The College Environment Early:

The organization is an official company-in-residence on the Indiana University-Purdue University Campus in Fort Wayne, with office and program space located in the Rhinehart Music Center. In addition to providing UNITY with the facilities necessary to run its programs, the location on the IPFW campus also exposes youth in the program—and their parents—to the university environment, providing familiarity and inspiration for pursuing higher education.

Number of Students Attending or Have Attended College

Over 115 students have attended college in over 61 colleges and universities around the country.  Several of our students have studied in other countries.  Our students are pursuing careers in different professional sectors including education, law, healthcare, music, business, psychology, theater, finance and many more.