Youth Development

One of the unique characteristics of Unity is its ability to use the performing arts as a tool to capture the attention of the youth in the community and bring them into an environment where they develop more than just heightened artistic abilities. Students involved in Unity are given multiple opportunities to engage in life-changing, life-building dialogue with peers, adult coaches, mentors, and volunteers. They also gain insight and information prior to college, adult and work life from our many development programs that educate, empower, condition, and prepare them for the future.

Building Your Character, One Brick At A Time (BC Training Course) – Helping students build and understand the importance of true character.

Communication, Leadership, and Impact (CLI Training) – Training that prepares our students for the real world so they are competitive among their peers in high school, college, the work force and adult life.

Empowerment Weekend Break Out Group Sessions – Students are assembled by age groups to participate in activities and workshops on topics relevant to their ages. This program helps our students to improve their social and communication skills as they participate in group sessions.

Training Institutes – Various short-term classes designed to expose, equip and ignite our students’ interest in areas such as computer technology, database design, digital audio and video, photography and graphic design, sound production and many other exciting disciplines.

Business Round Table Forums – Exposing our students to Business Owners, Corporate CEOs, and Professional Executives, thus inspiring the next generation of business executives.

Shadowing & Internship Opportunities – Exposure is the key to enhancing a youth’s perspective of the future. We believe that to increase hope in the life of a child, you must increase opportunities and possibilities for that child to dream and think big for his or her life. Connecting our high school students to professionals who have achieved their career goals is key to helping them achieve their career goals. This program finds successful professionals from various careers who are willing to make themselves accessible to young dreamers and we unite them together for several shadowing opportunities. UNITY offers our students aged 14 and older the opportunity to work as interns in our office, which also makes it possible for them to seek internships at businesses with whom we have collaborated.

RAP with the Pros (UNITY’S Young Professional Guests Rap Series) – One of the greatest ways to inspire young people to develop their greatness within is to encourage the community of greatness to be accessible to our young people. Young people tend to be influenced by whatever example is accessible to them. If that example happens to be negative, then in most cases they are forced to be inspired by that negative example. Our lecture series brings in great men and women of excellence who can relate to this generation of young minds and be a tangible example of greatness for them by sharing their stories and experiences.

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