Impacting our community by transforming young lives into high-character leaders through the platform of the arts.

Past Events

FWCS Ideal Graduate Work

FWCS Ideal Graduate Workshop was held on April 20 at Allen County War Memorial Coliseum. The seminar’s focus was geared around identifying the characteristics of what an Ideal Graduate looks like. School officials, teachers, parents, students, and various businesses in the Fort Wayne area, gathered to discuss and build a...
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Give Greater Party

Jordan Applegate and his group, Casual Friday, ended the Give Greater event by performing downtown on The Landing. Staff member, Richard Reprogle, attended on Unity’s behalf for a vivacious celebration!

Rescue Mission Spring Gala

What an upscale event Rescue Mission put on Friday, May 6. The extravagant event was held at the Grand Wayne Center, which began at 5:30 pm. Guests were able to participate in a real live auction. So many powerful stories of impact were told that night. Thanks, Rescue Mission!

6th Annual Resource Fair

Allen County System of Care for the 6th Annual Resource Fair was an awesome event. It featured Family Fun Night, which was held on May 19. Unity Performing Arts Foundation participated in this joyous celebration. Family Fun Night was hosted by The Lutheran Foundation. This event drew hundreds of guests,...
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Skate with UNITY

Last weekend Unity had a fun skating event at Bell’s Skating Rink located in New Haven, Indiana! What a wonderful celebration. It was a great time to hang out with our UNITY Family during Spring Break! Thanks for coming out!

Dinner Of Great Conversations

The Dinner Of Great Conversations Event was held on March 12 at The Mirro Center located at Parkview Hospital off Dupont road. The event was filled with many opportunities to connect and come together to build a culture of healing. Unity will be participating in United Front as we come together and live...
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Step Master – March 17th

Learn Step with Alumni, Nathan Griffin, and Kaylan Davis. Begins: Thursday, March 17 Time: 5:00-7:00pm Weekly If you missed out on February 28 and March 3, there is still a chance to participate. This class will meet weekly, beginning next Thursday, March 17, and will end in May. The classes start at...
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Wellness Workshop

The Wellness Workshops extended throughout this February. We were able to present 3 more dates this month with positive results. Look forward to seeing more of these events in the coming months!

Giving Tuesday

SAVE THE DATE! Support Unity Performing Arts Foundation on November 30, 2021. Any financial contribution will do. We do need your assistance as our major revenue comes from our concerts which we have been challenged with many setbacks. Unity inspires and empowers youth in the areas of character, artistry, and...
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Keegan Ferrell Showcase

Fort Wayne, Indiana- UNITY members and staff welcome Keegan Ferrell. He will be performing at UNITY Program & Training Center located at Ivy Tech’s Campus on Monday, November 15th at 5:30pm. Keegan Ferrell appeared on Season 20 of NBC “The Voice.” He is a former student of Paula Jewson, UNITY’s own piano instructor for Mini...
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Unity Referral Program

The objective of the new student referral initiative is for members to refer others who may be interested in UNITY. How it works: Students will refer their friends to become UNITY members. What if your friend signs up? The student who referred the new member will be given a $10...
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Welcome Back Party

There is nothing like saying welcome back like being thrown a party and this is what UNITY has planned for all current members. On Saturday, October 30, from 6:00pm – 8:00 pm, UNITY will throw a fun dancing part for students. We’re talking lights, dancing, icebreaker activities, games, food, and...
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The Artistic Vocal Training Workshop!

If you are new to the Voices of UNITY, please read this article. UNITY presents The Artistic Vocal Workshop Training. This consists of 6 vocal trainings presented by our Artistic Vocal Coach, June McCullough. The workshop will work on ear training, stage presence, scales, and students will learn some vocal...
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