Impacting our community by transforming young lives into high-character leaders through the platform of the arts.


Special Message from Marshall White

I would first like to thank you for stopping by our site and checking us out, I hope you are able to locate the information about UNITY that you are searching for.  If for some reason you are not able to find everything you need, please send us a message.

It is a tremendous honor to be given the opportunity to lead young lives toward the path of success, greatness and excellence before they become adults.  I am at the front door of their young lives; there to empower, prepare and equip them with the tools, knowledge, and support as they begin their journey through childhood.  I spend time pouring wisdom, substance, insight and virtue into them so they will make choices that will produce effective decisions.

Many of our youth today are without direction, guidance, and instruction. The lack of these three positive essentials has invited an overwhelming cloud of hopelessness into their lives. This cloud of hopelessness has fallen over many of them and stolen their forward thinking, and their possible dreams and ambitions for the future.

Many of them do not see any reason whatsoever to be alive and productive. Because of that, they simply do not like, nor love life, and ultimately end up wasting their lives.

Can we stop the social turmoil, senseless murders, criminal activity, school dropouts, growing gun violence, and use of drugs and alcohol?  The answer is NO.  We cannot stop it, but we can create effective platforms, which give young people alternative options other than a life of destruction.  We can create and fuel solutions that can sway children who have not crossed over into the life of destruction, and maybe appeal to many of the young people who have made the wrong choices and decisions.

Unity Performing Arts Foundation is designed just for that purpose. It is a powerful solution that will provide hope for young people who want to experience positive life-changing opportunities. Opportunities produce possibilities and possibilities stimulate dreams. When young people dream, they also want to live to see them come true.

I am extremely thankful for the citizens of Fort Wayne and all over the country, who have not only encouraged these wonderful young ambassadors, but have reached out their hand of kindness and given these students financial support so they can experience life-changing opportunities.

I ask everyone to stop for a moment and please support a cause that brings pride to our great city, state and country. Our cause provides young people tangible hope that demonstrates someone believes in them and wants them to be successful. Let us rally around these young ambassadors and show them that they count. Make your donation now and inspire others to do the same.

May God Bless You.

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