Impacting our community by transforming young lives into high-character leaders through the platform of the arts.


UNITY’s Class of 2017 High School Seniors


Age: 18

Graduated from Carroll High School

Future career goals: Become a Computer Engineer and work for General Motors

College attending: Purdue University

Jordan says, “UNITY has developed me into a young adult leader who truly strives for excellence and nothing less. One of my best take-aways is learning how to value my time. It has allowed me to graduate in the top 10% of my class as well as many more accomplishments.

Jordan was crowned Homecoming King at Carroll High School for the 2016-2017 school year and has currently received 15 scholarships totaling $24,825 for his first year.


Age: 18

Graduated from Horizon Christian Academy

Future career goals: Technical designer, music producer

College attending: Ivy Tech, Saint Francis or UCLA

Breydon says “Unity has helped me through all my struggles and has taught me the value of life.”


Age: 18

Graduated from East Allen University

Future career goals: Isaiah has joined the National Guard.

Isaiah says “Unity has helped me grow into my manhood. Mr. White really helped me mature.”


Age: 18

Graduated from Bishop Luers

Future career goals: Become a neurosurgeon and build my own hospital in third world countries

College attending: Ball State University

Aspen says, “Unity has developed me as a person, student and professional. My time here has changed my outlook on life and opportunities presented to me. I am eternally grateful for every person who has contributed to my success.”

Aspen was crowned Homecoming Queen for Bishop Luers High School for the 2016-2017 school year.


Age: 18

Graduating from Wayne High School

Future career goals: She would love to be a music teacher.

College Attending: Ivy Tech

Breasia says, “ Unity has taught me that tough love only makes you stronger and wiser. I can honestly say” I’m a proud member of the Voices of Unity. Joining Unity has opened my eyes to greater. 


Age: 17

Graduated from Concordia Lutheran High School

Future career goals: Majoring in Health Science with a minor in Business. She wants to become an Emergency Room Physician or a Trauma Surgeon.

College attending: Indiana University Bloomington, IN

Being a part of UNITY for almost nine years has allowed me to master professionalism at an early age. Everything I do is “Excellence and Nothing Less”. UNITY has exposed me to several opportunities and has given me different platforms to expose my own personal talents. The diverse group of students, mentors, and volunteers is what makes UNITY one big family. One very important statement Mr. White continuously tells us is, “Never say no to an opportunity to grow”. This one statement has pushed me to go outside my comfort zone many times and allowed me to be one of three students chosen for a Parkview Hospital Internship, challenged me to finish my second semester of senior year with a 3.8 GPA, and pushed me to apply for several scholarships which have totaled over $34,500.


Age: 18

Graduated from Concordia Lutheran High School

Future career goals: Professional singer and drummer

College attending: He plans to take classes at Sweetwater Sound

James says, “ Being in Unity has helped keep me focused and motivated towards staying in school, making great life choices and decisions and making sure that I respect others.”


Age: 17

Graduating from North Side High School in December

Future career goals: Culinary and Pastry Chef, Food Scientist, Chemical Engineer and mastering speaking Japanese

College attending: Ivy Tech, IPFW or Purdue and Johnson and Wales

Lily says, “UNITY has shown me how to be a special, incredible and unique person, to not let anyone get in my way of being successful and to be brave and try new things.”


Age: 17

Graduated from Leo High School

Future career goals: Majoring in Management and wants to be a Sports Agent

College attending: Trine University

Ja’Shawn says, “Being in the Voices of Unity, Mr. White always says stay focused and be consistent so that is something I have learned to do with the choir as well as football.”

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