Remembering the Life of Jabari Mbwelera (1992-2019)

Our deepest condolences: Remembering the Life of Jabari Mbwelera (1992-2019)

Jabari B. Mbwelera
UNITY Member from 2005-2008


Many of the members of the Voices of Unity and I are deeply saddened over Jabari’s death. Jabari joined the Voices of Unity on September 8, 2005, where he developed many new friends and family members.  During the two and half years he was in the choir, he grew socially and artistically into a fine young man.

To my precious students,  during this season of loss, please be mindful of those around you and those who have invested in your life. Don’t take people for granted and don’t let life leave you without taking the time to acknowledge the value others have placed on and into your life.  We want Kamari and Kathryn and the family to know that your UNITY family will be praying for you. Rest In Peace Jabari.

Marshall White, Founder/CEO
Unity Performing Arts Foundation

Jabari’s Memorial Service is 11 a.m. Friday, Aug. 30, 2019,
at the Abundant Love Christian Worship Center,
2615 New Haven Ave., Fort Wayne.

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