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UNITY Alumni Mickey Young Is Awarded the Beckmann Emerging Artists Fellowship!

Ever heard of Mickey Young? How about Deven Bridges? Well, these two men are one in the same! Deven Bridges became a Unity member in 2009 during the spring registration period. He took on his role as a Voices of Unity Youth Choir member with passion and never looked back. With UNITY igniting his love for music he graduated from Anderson University in 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Business. Since then he has been working on his own music in Indianapolis. With his hard work and unique talent, this year he became one of two awarded the Bekmann Emerging Artists Fellowship! 

For those of you who are not familiar with this award, it is an award given by the Arts Council of Indianapolis to talented artists and has two components, a monetary gift and professional development/growth opportunities with the Arts Council. This award was made possible by Robert D. Beckmann Jr. who founded the Art’s Council of Indianapolis in 1987. This grant gives new talented individuals the access and opportunities they need to boost their career. 

When asked about how Mickey felt about being granted this fellowship award he said, “Being chosen out of all of the talented and qualified applicants throughout Indianapolis is special, even more so knowing that the other awardee is a VOU (Voices of Unity) alum! It gives me a huge sense of pride as someone coming out of the UNITY programming. I feel like the organization’s culture not only breeds leaders, but winners!” Mickey feels incredibly blessed to have been awarded this fellowship and feels as though it is  “ . . . an act of God’s timing  . . .” UNITY is incredibly proud of Deven, aka Mickey Young, and can’t wait to see how his music career grows within the coming years! Check out his music by going to

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