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Unity Superstar Spotlight Featuring Stephanie Woodson

Stephanie Woodson recently stepped out on faith and her multiple talents to start Love, Lucine LLC, a business focused on her creative art and named after her mother who she credits for influencing her life in so many ways.

Stephanie’s mother, Lucine, worked for Unity Performing Arts Foundation in various roles since 2000, and enrolled Stephanie in the Voices of Unity at the age of 13 in August 2000.  Stephanie sung both alto and soprano at various stages in VOU.  She toured with the world champion choir at the 2010 World Choir games held in China, Cincinnati in 2012, and also toured with the choir to Riga, Latvia in 2014 as a tour leader.

Stephanie graduated from Bishop Luers High School.  She attended Fisk University, and graduated with a bachelors in Psychology and is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority.  She also attended Indiana University-Purdue University in Fort Wayne, In. where she received a masters in Sociological Practice.

When asked how did VOU influence her life, Stephanie responded, “It has influenced my life a lot.  VOU gave me an opportunity creatively and built up my leadership skills.  Mr. White made me responsible for attendance and then inventory.  I have also made connections in the community and have life-long relationships because of my involvement with VOU. “

“Mr. White saw something in me” says Stephanie.  She recalls that the first time she met Mr. White was at her church. Stephanie said Mr. White saw a leadership quality in her and has challenged her to grow.  Certainly her mother Lucine is a huge influence in her growth, but she gives UNITY and Mr. White credit as well.

Stephanie remembers Mr. White asking her to write the blog while in China.  She has been writing various articles and helping with documents for the foundation ever since.

Stephanie noted that through her junior and high school years, she attended schools where the students were predominantly white. Although she appreciates her education and schooling, she sometimes felt that she was looked down upon.  UNITY provided a multi-cultural atmosphere that made her feel like she belonged while learning and growing individually and as a team.  Unity was one family with various races.  This prepared her for life.

Stephanie said about going to Fisk University, a Historical Black College and University (HBCU) in Nashville, TN, “Fisk University was amazing! I found myself experiencing a new world with like-minded individuals all discovering themselves.  I felt validated.”

Stephanie is currently utilizing Facebook to sell her artwork and promote Love, Lucine LLC and is also working on her website.  She has been featured on various blogs which she appreciates their support.  Stephanie sold several art pieces at the Art of Hair this fall and is now preparing for the Melanin Majesty Open Gallery on February 25th with Melanin Soulest in Fort Wayne, IN.

Stephanie remains a very active alumni in UNITY.  She has agreed to co-chair UNITY’s 20th Anniversary Reunion Committee and will be actively reaching out to our alumni for the 20th anniversary.

When asked what she would tell someone who was thinking about joining Unity Performing Arts Foundation, Stephanie said, “ Give it a chance.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  It is a great support system and a positive influence.  UNITY will always hold a special place in my heart.  I have friends for a lifetime, relationships that go beyond cultures and invaluable experiences. VOU will change your life for the better and change your life forever if you give it a try.”

Stephanie is a positive and real example of UNITY for our young people and continues to honor her pledge of “we will reach back to give back”.

Stephanie, we are proud of you for pursuing your love and passion.  “Never say no to an opportunity to grow!”

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